Rejection, Tears and a Runaway Bride! Get an Extended Look at What's to Come on 'Love Is Blind'

Netflix's new dating series has a few twists, turns and tumbles, as evidenced by this extended look at the season

Remember that whole “first comes love, then comes marriage” thing? Well, Netflix has a new formula.

On the new Netflix series Love Is Blind, hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, 30 singles spend 10 days going on “dates” in pods which keep them from seeing one another. Connections form, l-bombs go off, and couples who get engaged sight unseen get the chance to finally meet in person.

From the looks of the extended preview clip above, a few people may leave that first meeting a bit disappointed.

But that’s clearly only the beginning of their journeys. The newly engaged couples will then head on vacation together, where they’ll have the chance to find out if their physical connection matches the emotional ones made in the pods.


Things appear to go pretty well for the couples there. The footage reveals a whole bunch of kissing, showers, romantic boat rides and smiles.

But then things get real — and the couples move in together and have to go back to balancing work, their relationship, and all their other loved ones, including disapproving parents and friends with a whole lotta questions. Oh! And they have three weeks to plan their weddings!


Cue messy bedrooms, awkward conversations with parents, and some serious arguments.

“Listen to me!” Giannina Gibelli says. “Stop interrupting me please, for the love of God!”

“Do I want to marry him?” Lauren Speed asks. “I don’t know.”

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In the end, it appears quite a few people make it to the altar — though perhaps not all of those weddings go well.

“Please stop recording this,” Kenny Barnes says.

And one bride is on the run, though she doesn’t make it far before she falls, veil, gown, flowers and all.

Love Is Blind will be released on Netflix over three weeks, with the first five episodes available now. The next four will be released on Feb. 20, and the two-hour finale drops Feb. 27.

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