'Love Is Blind' 's Lauren and Cameron Give Advice for Dating During Coronavirus Social Distancing

"Right now, people can still pick up the phone and call each other. I feel like good conversation is the best foreplay," Lauren Speed said in an interview with Miley Cyrus

The coronavirus pandemic may have people practicing social distancing for the foreseeable future, but Love Is Blinds Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton believe this is a unique time for folks in the dating scene to really get to know one another.

Appearing in Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram Live, the couple — who met and got engaged on the Netflix hit dating series without ever having seen each other in person — revealed their tips for people to connect amid the global COVID-19 outbreak.

“For someone just starting a new relationship or getting to know someone during social distancing, what advice would you give to them?” the musician asked the pair. “One thing I used to use is find something you relate on immediately, ask questions, just talk about that because more things will unfold.”

“I think for Lauren and I, our first immediate connection was family, how important family is, their health, their wellbeing … that was the first time we cried together [on the show],” said Hamilton, 28.

He added, “I think we went into the dates after that thinking about, ‘What are the qualities we need in a long-term partner that are gonna make this work in the long haul?’ ”

Speed, 32, recommended that people “talk about the things that are most important to you!”

“The things that you guys would have in common, the stuff that you like, the stuff that you dislike, what are your phobias, what motivates you. That stuff you can connect with somebody on and talk about for hours,” she said.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed
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In a news conference on Monday, President Donald Trump’s administration, in conjunction with federal health officials, announced even more strict guidelines about what people should do to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, which first emerged in China in December.

The respiratory disease it causes, COVID-19, has killed thousands of people worldwide. While most people will only experience mild or moderate symptoms, a fraction of patients will suffer severe complications and older age groups and those with pre-existing conditions are at heightened risk.

The White House’s new guidelines said people should now avoid gatherings larger than 10 and should opt for drive-thru, delivery or take-out options instead of going in person to bars, restaurants and other eateries. The White House also said to “avoid discretionary travel” and to avoid facilities for the elderly and critically ill, who are already at increased risk from the virus.

These expand on earlier recommendations about “social distancing” to slow infections: working from home, closing schools and avoiding large gatherings such as concerts and conferences.

Although social distancing and self-quarantining are currently preventing people from meeting up in person, Speed noted the power of “good conversation” and how it builds intimacy.

“Right now, people can still pick up the phone and call each other. I feel like good conversation is the best foreplay,” she shared. “It’s really good to be able to just call someone and talk to them, they don’t need to physically be there for you both to be intimate.”

The couple fell in love while in the Netflix reality dating show’s pods — and six days later, they got engaged, sight unseen. After a romantic vacation in Mexico, they moved in together and got back into their daily routines. That came with its share of obstacles, including introducing each other to their parents and friends. In four weeks, they were married. Now, nearly a year and a half later, they’re still happily wed!

In early March, the couple — who recently launched YouTube channel Hangin’ with the Hamiltons — opened up to PEOPLE about the ups and downs of their unique experience, their romance, and if they ever had any doubts.

“I was skeptical about the show prior to going onto it. I mean, I was still open to it, and that’s really what was asked of us was just to keep an open mind. But you hear about the premise, and you’re like, ‘This is crazy,’ ” Hamilton said.

Added Speed: “Like, no way I’m finding somebody and getting married.”

But things changed as they gave it time.

“But then the next thing you know, you’re building this very deep connection with someone, and then a little bit after that you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m about to propose to this woman.’ At a certain point, I had no more doubts about that this was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with because we were able to delve so deep in our conversations, and in a way that I think neither of us had before,” Hamilton said.

Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix.

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