'Love Is Blind' : Irina Admits to Moments She Wasn't Her 'Best Self' — but Has No Regrets About Her Journey

The contestant breaks down her time on Love Is Blind exclusively with PEOPLE, saying: "I am excited to watch it and see all the new perspectives and learn from whatever is not my character"

Love Is Blind. Irina in Season 4 of Love Is Blind.
Photo: Netflix

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 4 of Netflix's Love Is Blind.

Irina Solomonova knows that her time on Love Is Blind will raise some viewers' eyebrows.

While Irina and the other participants were still in the pod phase of the social experiment, she and costar Micah Lussier were caught mocking some of their female castmates. Their actions have already sparked several articles as well as backlash from fans who have called the two "bullies" and "mean girls."

And while Irina, 26, does think she was true to herself throughout filming, she recognizes that not all of her actions were the "best."

"From a communication [standpoint], I do feel like I was myself during the whole show. But I think there was moments where I wasn't my best self, and I am excited to watch it and see all the new perspectives and learn from whatever is not my character," Irina exclusively tells PEOPLE. "Obviously, we're being recorded all day, and there's going to be moments where I'm not my best self. But I'm excited to see how everything came out and just to grow from everything and put my best foot forward."

She adds, "I have truly no bad intentions for anybody at all. So I'm excited to clean things up if there is anything."

Irina was one of the lucky ones that found a connection in the pod. But her journey to love came with complications as her top pick, Zack Goytowski, also had strong feelings for Bliss Poureetzadi. Despite being torn between the two women, Zack, 31, ultimately chose to break things off with Bliss, 33, and propose to Irina.

"I think that Zack was one of the best people I had a connection with in the pods," she says. "We connected a lot about our families and trauma and life in general."

Love is Blind. Irina in episode 401 of Love is Blind.
Courtesy of Netflix

But when Irina and Zack met face to face after their pods engagement, it was evident that something was off. They experienced a series of roadblocks during their post-engagement trip to Mexico, including her developing an attraction for Micah's fiancé Paul Peden and the duo's failure to connect on an intimate level.

They eventually called off the engagement.

"I don't think there was a specific moment. I would just think it was a lot of things," she says of the split. "It was like maybe little mannerisms he did or maybe singing, but there was just something inside of me that I was like, 'This isn't the person for me.'"

Irina, however, says she doesn't "regret choosing" Zack.

Love is Blind. (L to R) Zach, Irina in episode 404 of Love is Blind
Courtesy of Netflix

Fans now know Irina is planning to speak to Micah, 26, about her feelings for Paul — and Zack is attempting to reconnect with Bliss. As for Irina's feelings about Zack and Bliss as a potential couple, she says: "Before me and Zack broke up, I told him, if he wanted to go to pursue something with Bliss that he should."

"I have no bad blood with her at all, but I could see how she could have some bad blood with me," she continues. "Obviously, that's going to be uncomfortable or hard maybe to watch. But me and Zack weren't supposed to be together, and we are not together for a reason."

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The first five episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 are now streaming on Netflix. New episodes will roll out Fridays through April 14.

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