TLC's new series takes a different spin on dating with strangers trying to find love at first kiss

By Brittany King
Updated July 21, 2016 02:30 PM

It’s all about the whirly dirly!

In an exclusive sneak peek at a new series called Love at First Kiss, 31-year-old pro MMA fighter Shondo is not playing games.

“I’m a hunter,” he says right off the bat. “That is my dating style. I like to pick out a gazelle and I like to track her down. I like to clip the back leg out from under her and I like to bite her in the back of the neck”. Snap judgment: This … should be interesting.

Shondo goes on to say that he’s hoping to find a partner in crime and to find someone that he can ultimately share his life with, but she better know how to do the “whirly dirly.”

“If she does the whirly dirly [kiss], she’s a keeper,” he says. “It’s a loop [with your tongue] and then going up. it’s just one of those things that was set in place when I was in kindergarten and I tried it out in 3rd grade and hell, it’s been working ever since.”

“When it comes down to women, I’m like Baskin-Robbins: I like all 31 flavors,” he adds.

When Shondo finally gets to meet his kissing partner, he’s hesitant. Amanda, 29, walks into the room with striking red hair while wearing a tight blue bodycon dress. But once the pair lock lips, Shondo seems pleased and does an upside down fist pump and confirms, “Whirly dirly.”

The series takes a different spin on dating. The show takes singles and has them go beyond their comfort zones by kissing a total stranger, with no introduction in order to find out if one kiss can lead to love. If either of the singles feel a spark after their first kiss, the pair can take a two-minute speed date, which, if all goes well, could lead to an actual date outside beyond the show.

Love at First Kiss premieres Aug. 3rd at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.