New Reality Show Follows 6 Couples Who Found Love Behind Bars — and Their Road to the Altar

Love After Lockup premieres Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv

Talk about a ball and chain.

The producers who brought you 90 Day Fiancé are back with another wild reality romance series. PEOPLE can exclusively announce that in January, WE tv will premiere Love After Lockup, an all-new docuseries that follows six couples transitioning from romance behind bars to the marriage altar as they’re united for the first time after years of supervised visits, recorded phone calls and handwritten letters. (Check out the supertease above.)

Since most of the couples have never had unsupervised contact with each other, the show will chronicle many of their big “firsts” — the first date, meeting the family and other nerve-wracking, intimate moments.

The newly released ex-cons will also face the challenges of reentering into society, including strict parole regulations, difficulties landing a job, and, of course, judgment from family and friends.

The love “jailbirds” include:

Johnna and Garrett, from Tampa, Florida. A wine-fueled evening of looking for love online led Johnna to Garrett, serving a seven-year sentence for burglary, grand theft and several other counts.

Andrea and Lamar, based in Lehi, Utah.The two come from very different backgrounds; Andrea is a Mormon and single mother of three kids, while Lamar is a former up-and-coming rapper who is finishing up an 18-year stint in prinson.

Mary and Dominic, based in Toronto. The pair very briefly knew each other before he was incarcerated, and Dominic is serving six years for aggravated assault.

Alla and James, based in Chicago. The couple struck up a relationship via a prison pen pal service while she was serving five years for selling heroine.

Angela and Tony, based in Grenada, Mississippi. They fell in love through letter-writing and have been in contact for a year. Since the death of her ex, Angela began dating men in federal prison, so Tony, 13 years her junior, is not her first. He’s serving three years for possession of a firearm.

Scott and Lizzie, from Oxnard, California. They met and fell in love through a prison pen pal website. Lizzie is serving eight years for several DUI charges, and Scott has sent her about $20,000 over the course of their relationship — leading friends and family to worry that she may be using him for financial support.

Love After Lockup premieres Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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