C.K.'s monologue included riffs on racism, the Israel-Palestine conflict and child molesters


Saturday Night Live

‘s season finale was this weekend, so that may have been one reason host Louis C.K. decided to push the boundaries in his show-opening monologue.

Sunday morning, though, he may be having second thoughts.

A wave of backlash to Louis C.K.‘s monologue has spread across the Internet after the bit, which featured jokes about child molestation, among other topics like racism and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Louie star compared the two Middle Eastern states to his children, before segueing into a bit about his own “mildly racist” attitudes (Example: Having two different reactions to a white man in a hoodie and a black man in a hoodie).

But it was an extended riff on pedophilia that was probably the nadir of the monologue. The comedian eventually compared his love of Mounds bars (his favorite candy) to what he assumes sex is like for a child molester. People quickly took to social media to voice their disapproval.

Louis C.K. at least acknowledged that he was aware of the controversy he was stirring up. “It’s my last show probably,” he said at one point, a fact seemingly confirmed by a promo during the show in which Kate McKinnon said it would be his final appearance.