Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

This week has been jammed packed and crazy!

It all started out with Chelsie and me going to Texas on Wednesday to help me find my “inner” cowboy. I mean going to Texas alone would help, but luckily Chelsie knows the toughest cowboy in the Western World: Ty Murray. We went to Ty’s ranch so he could teach me a little about being a cowboy and help me get into character for this dance. He laced me out with his signature cowboy get-up … DENIM.

I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty legit wearing all the cowboy gear, plus I am wearing hand-me-downs of a legend in the rodeo cowboy world. After I got my cowboy get-up on, it was time to learn to lasso. Let me tell you all, lassoing is cool. Ty had a practice steer to show me how it was done. Actually he showed me how it was done by telling me to run, and then by roping me … EVERY TIME!

After the lasso lesson it was time to get on the horse. I have ridden a horse before but not since I was probably younger than 10 years old. At the end of the day, I felt like the inner cowboy started to show through and I felt ready to take on this two step. Thanks goes to Ty and Jewel for letting Chelsie and me come to their ranch. These two are good and welcomed us with open arms.

Although Texas was super fun and definitely helped me get ready for the dance, we didn’t get much practice in at all for the first two days because of the traveling. For all of you that don’t know, the first two days are crucial. So Friday and Saturday we put in MAJOR TIME at the studio!

The two step isn’t a traditional ballroom dance so it was not only a challenge for Chelsie to teach me, but also a challenge for Chelsie to choreograph a routine for us. I don’t think will understand what we went through — and especially what she went through in her effort to get this routine together — in order to get us ready. Monday is now here and we are ready!

If your votes get me through another week, we will discuss “chemistry” next week! — Louie VitoCraig Sjodin/ABC