Lost (Spoiler Alert!): Never Say Never, Dude

Photo: ABC

It’s a new season, but with the same old questions … almost. Yep, after last night’s debut we’re still asking: Who can Lost’s survivors trust? Who or what is “Jacob”? And what the heck is this crazy, possibly supernatural island anyway? But the most urgent question now is who are the Oceanic Six? Last season the big reveal was a fast-forward in time — to see that Kate and Jack were off the island and presumably resuming their lives. And in this year’s opener, we find Hugo, too, back in civilization and starring in an L.A. car chase on TV. But once the police stop him, he yells out, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m one of the Oceanic Six!” Which means we have another mystery to solve (aside from the ghosts, strange visitors and questionable rescuers) — do only six live to tell the tale of Flight 815? And who are the other three? And will we ever really know what happened? As Hugo told Jack at the end of the episode, “Never say never, dude.” So tell us, who do you think the Oceanic Six are? ABC

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