The 1960s staple is getting a boxed set to celebrate its big anniversary

Updated September 15, 2015 04:20 PM

It’s time for a blast from the past.

The classic sci-fi TV show Lost in Space aired its first episode 50 years ago Tuesday, with the series introducing the world to the Robinson family, a group of travelers on a mission in a futuristic 1997 to found a colony in deep space.

The campy CBS series is perhaps best remembered for this catchphrase spoken by the family robot to one of the kids: “Danger, Will Robinson!” After its 1965 debut, the series went on to air for three seasons on CBS and spawned a 1998 big screen remake starring Matt LeBlanc and Heather Graham.

In honor of the anniversary, The Lost In Space 50th Anniversary box set goes on sale Tuesday, with the 18-disc Blu-ray collection containing all 83 episodes, as well as seven hours of bonus material.

Among the special features is a reunion interview with the cast, and PEOPLE is debuting an exclusive clip from the conversation.

The unseen reunion footage was recorded in the 1990s, as they reunited to read an unproduced script written by Bill Mumy (Will Robinson), with his costars Mark Goddard (Maj. Don West), Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson), Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson) and Robot B9 along for the ride.

So take a trip back to the future that was 1997 (as imagined in 1965) via the clip above. For more from Lost in Space, check out Entertainment Weekly‘s reunion interview from this year’s Comic-Con.