May 16, 2008 12:00 AM

Jack, Hurley, and others (the Oceanic Six) got their first glimpse of post-island family life on Thursday’s Lost, part one of a dramatic — and revealing — two-part, three-hour season finale. The small survivor crew (which also included Sun, Sayid, Kate and Aaron) reunites tearfully with their families at a Honolulu airbase. Jack (Matthew Fox) tells the Six before landing that they will talk to the media–within limits. (He makes up a false story.) Other big revelations include Sayid (Naveen Andrews) meeting his old girlfriend Nadia and Jack learning that he is the deceased Claire’s (Emilie DeRavin) half-brother.

Looking forward to May 29’s part two of the season 4 finale, more answers loom for how the Oceanic Six will be rescued from the island. –Nicholas White

Tell us: What is your theory for how Lost will end this season? Are the revelations in season four satisfying or have they raised even more burning questions?


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