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Updated March 31, 2010 12:00 AM
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin-Soo Kwon in LOST
| Credit: Mario Lopez/ABC

After last week’s meaty mythological feast, Lost producers gave fans a bit more to chew on Tuesday, with an episode revolving around Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (real-life newlywed Yunjin Kim). PEOPLE checked in with Dae Kim for his thoughts on what went down — and managed to pry a little series-finale scoop out of him in the process.

The Big Twists: The on-island Kwons — ripped apart at the end of season 4 — still didn’t get that much-deserved reunion. But with Locke Monster and Jack both promising to bring the marrieds back together — and only six episodes left until the series finale — Dae Kim urges fans to be patient just a little while longer. “Fans of Jin and Sun won’t be disappointed,” he promises.

Among the Sideways surprises: Jin and Sun aren’t married! But they’re definitely in a much healthier relationship than they were in the Flashbacks. This Jin likes when his woman undoes all the buttons on her sweater. This Sun is itching to run away with, instead of from, her love. And, considering she’s pregnant, it would seem that this couple isn’t struggling with the fertility issues that once plagued them in the other timeline. But, sadly, some things remain the same. Sun’s dad? Still a jerk. The $25,000 that jammed Jin up at airport customs was intended as payment to Keamy — yep, that guy again! — in exchange for offing Jin.

Dae Kim’s take on the Sideways version of events? “If you look at Jin from episode one to now, the Jin in the Sideways seems to be an interesting hybrid of the two,” he observes. “I think the fact that he and Sun aren’t married, but they’re genuinely in love, says a lot. That’s at the heart of their story.”

The actor wasn’t nearly as psyched to learn of all the shirtlessness the episode would require of him (though many fans might disagree): “I didn’t get very much notice about the shirtless scenes actually.” Without a lot of time to hit the gym, says one of PEOPLE’s 2005 Sexiest Men Alive, “I was like, ‘All right then, I guess what you see is what you get,'” he says.

The Sideways Crosses: It was Keamy who tied Jin up and locked him in the restaurant freezer, and Sayid who helped free him. And Mikhail, also known on the island as That Odd Guy with the Eyepatch, served as translator between Keamy and the Korean-speaking Kwons and, later, got shot in one eye during a struggle with Jin. Sun was wounded, too … perhaps baby-doc Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) will be making a Sideways appearance to save the day? Producers have previously confirmed Mitchell will pop up again before the series ends.

Back on the island: Sun ran away from Locke Monster — and right into a tree — which rendered her unconscious (and presumably of no use, at least for the time being, to the free will-lovin’ Smokey). When Sun woke, she could understand English but could only speak Korean. Miles found that one a bit hard to swallow, too.

A kidnapped Jin wound up in Room 23, exposed to the subliminal messages the Dharma Initiative was so fond of back in season 3. But Charles Widmore tried to make up for the whole taking-Jin-by-force thing by allowing him a first look at his daughter, via photos on Sun’s digital camera. And “the package” of this episode’s title? It’s a who: Desmond! The gone-too-long time traveler appears to have been brought to the island on his father-in-law’s sub. It would seem that ol’ Des is going to prove a very important figure in the war that Locke Monster informed Widmore was now officially on.

“The End”: Per the producers, that’s the title of the series finale. And per Dae Kim, it’s going to blow fans’ minds. “It’s pretty amazing,” says the actor, who read his copy of the top-secret script last Thursday. “If you think about how many pieces the writers had to put together in order to make it fall into place, it’s mind-boggling, and they did such a great job. Some of the twists and turns are just so clever.”

He continued: “For me it was very satisfying. After I read it, I had to sit for five or 10 minutes, just reflecting and digesting, because it definitely makes an impact.”

With filming on the finale now underway, the actor is finding himself overcome with a myriad of emotions. “I definitely feel like a very important chapter in my life is coming to a close,” says Dae Kim, who’s already been cast in a starring role in CBS’s Hawaii Five-O remake. “It’s hard not to feel the weight of that. I’m looking back with great fondness and pride, and I’m also excited to move forward and start writing the next chapter.” –Shawna Malcom

Tell us: Are you excited for the finale? What did you think of the Kwon’s episode? Do you think there’s significance to the fact that Sun looked at her reflection in the Sideways mirror, while Jin did not? Mario Lopez/ABC