The booted Celebrity: Apprentice contestant talks to Wendy Williams about the alleged affair

Lorenzo Lamas can joke and laugh now about how he’s on his fifth and “last” wife, but he turns serious about how one “destroyed him emotionally.”

Lamas – who was doing the rounds Tuesday after getting the boot from The Celebrity Apprentice – opened up to Wendy Williams on Tuesday about the time his previous wife Shauna Sand, 41, slept with his son A.J. from his second marriage.

“The two things that my son and ex-wife decided to do was to have an event that they both knew was going to hurt me to the core of my being and it was successful.” Lamas, 57, told Williams. “It absolutely destroyed me emotionally. I couldn’t talk to my son for two years.”

Lamas, who goes into detail about the affair in his new autobiography Renegade at Heart, also explained how the affair briefly altered his relationship with A.J., now 31.

“I didn’t know how to fix that,” Lamas said. “I was so shocked and upset and stunned and hurt that I didn’t know how to fix it.”

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