Caputo told PEOPLE that she is shocked "all the time" by the messages she receives


Even Theresa Caputo is surprised at some of the messages that she receives on behalf of her clients.

During a sit down, the star of TLC’s Long Island Medium revealed to PEOPLE that she is shocked “all the time” by the messages that she relays from spirits.

Caputo, 50, recalled the final show on her most recent tour where she received a reading from a girl’s grandmother.

“Last time I was on tour it was my last show – I forgot where I was – I was in a big arena and this young girl, her grandmother had just recently passed. She was very close with her grandmother,” the TLC personality explained.

“All of a sudden, the grandmother is channeling and I’m hearing this pouring rain. Do you ever hear rain on a tin roof? So loud. We’re in an arena and it was so loud. It’s so loud that I finally said, ‘What is that noise?’ And the crowd was like, ‘it’s rain.’ And I went, ‘Rain? Why is it raining?’ ”

After Caputo inquired about the downpour, the girl’s response shocked both the crowd and the professional medium.

“The girl looked at me and she said, ‘The day my grandmother died, it was pouring rain. Pouring like a monsoon.’ And that’s what it was like. And then after a few minutes I looked up and I’m like, ‘Alright grandma, let it stop raining. We got the message.’ Literally, two seconds later the rain stopped. Like dead stopped, no pun intended.”

She added, “I was getting freaked out. I’m like, ‘Alright, that’s crazy.’ ”

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