YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau announced their engagement on June 23, before confirming they were officially dating

Logan Paul has a thing or two to say about “fake YouTube relationships.”

The internet personality, 24, appeared on the Barstool Sports podcast, KFC Radio, on Tuesday, where he was asked about authenticity in the YouTube industry — and seemingly threw some shade at his brother Jake Paul‘s engagement to Tana Mongeau.

“I don’t do that s—, bro,” Logan, 24, responded when one of the hosts asked if he was in a “fake YouTube relationship,” followed by the host claiming that Logan’s younger brother and fellow YouTuber, Jake, was.

“I don’t know what’s going on there, man,” Logan added of Jake’s engagement to YouTuber Tana Mongeau, which they announced on June 24.

Added Logan, “I had an opportunity to do the fake relationship.”

Logan Paul, Jake Paul
Logan and Jake Paul
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After being asked by the hosts if being in a “fake relationship” involved mutual or separate funds, Logan elaborated on what he thinks the financial situation could be between his brother, 22, and Mongeau, 21.

“There’s no exchange [of money], but you can make money together,” he explained. “Like, say you make merch together, you probably split like 50/50 split. I hope so. Like what if my brother’s like doing 80/20 with Tana?”

“Oh Tana no, Tana don’t do it,” Logan laughed, adding, “he been doing 80/20.”

“I don’t do that, bro,” he continued. “And I had an opportunity like a big one by the way. Like I could have pounced in a relationship that would have lit this s— on fire.”

Logan, however, did not reveal who his “opportunity” was, despite the hosts’ insistence on learning whom.

The YouTuber split from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennet in October after only three months of dating, during which she had to defend her relationship with him, largely due to the backlash he faced after he posted a video that appeared to show the body of someone who died by suicide in Japan.

Logan’s lack of support for his brother’s engagement was first alluded to when Jake and Mongeau revealed their wedding date while addressing a crowd at Vidcon last week.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul
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After Jake read an explicit poem that recapped his relationship with Mongeau, he called out his brother, Logan, and Mongeau’s ex Bella Thornewho cried when she found out about the engagement — for not supporting the couple’s whirlwind romance, before ultimately revealing the wedding date.

“Logan and Bella can hate, the world can question our fate, but on July 28 you can all save the date,” he said to the crowd.

The two YouTubers got engaged on Mongeau’s 21st birthday, June 23. Neither officially confirmed to fans that they were dating before the engagement, with Paul proposing with Mongeau’s birthday cake.