Liz Gillies Says Ariana Grande Wants a 'Victorious' Reunion — But Does Victoria Justice?

"I'm ready to do one tomorrow," Gillies told PEOPLE Now's Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke

Liz Gillies, star of the CW’s Dynasty reboot, has her eye on another fan-favorite reprise that could one day reunite her with Ariana Grande.

It’s been over seven years since Victorious last aired on Nickelodeon, and if it were up to Gillies the cast would return to Hollywood Arts.

“I’m so down. I keep speaking out of turn and saying I’m ready to do one tomorrow,” the actress, 24, recently told PEOPLE Now’s Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke.

Liz Gillies and <a href="" data-inlink="true">Ariana Grande</a> VictoriousCredit: Nickelodeon

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Gillies played Jade West on Dan Schneider’s popular Nick show for 57 episodes from 2010 – 2013 alongside costars Grande and Victoria Justice.

“I think everybody’s down. I think we unanimously had a Twitter thing where somebody, I think it might’ve even been Ari, she’s like ‘I want to do this reunion, who else is down?'” Gillies said, adding, “And we got even extended cast members to agree to it.”

In May, Grande, who played Cat Valentine, practically started a Victorious revolution when she tweeted that the show deserved a proper series finale.

Back in March 2016, on the six-year anniversary of the show, Schneider teased fans, tweeting Victorious still had “#Possibilities.”

Grande was previously reunited with Daniella Monet (Trina Vega), Leon Thomas III (Andre Harris), Avan Jogia (Beck Oliver), and Matt Bennett (Robbie Shaprio) at her 23rd birthday party in June 2016.

Dynasty airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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