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April 29, 2014 07:45 AM

Here’s some news to make your approaching summer nights a blast.

Fox is bringing a live-action version of Broadway musical (and film) Grease to the small screen sometime next year.

The move is, in all likelihood, motivated by NBC’s success with their own live musical version of The Sound of Music, which – including DVR playback – tallied almost 22 million viewers last fall.

(Of course, as Entertainment Weekly points out, what is NBC’s Smash if not an attempt to latch onto Fox’s success with Glee, a show that arguably brought musicals into the zeitgeist in a big way? Time is a flat circle.)

Grease Live is slated to air sometime next year, probably on a Sunday (Fox only programs two hours a night on weeknights; the musical is set to run for three). Get your leather pants and/or letterman sweater ready.

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