'Little Women: LA' 's Terra Jolé Defends Herself Against 'Hurtful' Accusations That She 'Neglects Her Kids'

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime

New mom of two and Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé made history as the first little person to compete on Dancing with the Stars last season, and now she’s back on Lifetime’s hit show and blogging about season 6 exclusively for PEOPLE. Follow Jolé, 36, on Twitter!

Welcome to another week of my crazy rant about Little Women: LA! In this episode, the drinking game will be … every time someone says the word “baptism,” it’s time to drink!

Okay, so at the baptism, everyone seemed to know about the elephant in the room except for me. Let me set the record straight — I am happy for Jasmine. I’m just hurt that Elena felt she couldn’t tell me. We previously cried about it at the ice-skating rink, and I told her how special that was to me. It’s more about a respect thing. She expresses how our friendship isn’t like it used to be, but this is an example of why!

When you’re unable to share news like this with people you love, then I can’t help but think that we don’t have a friendship anymore. Jasmine and Chris will make beautiful godparents to the twins. Congrats to them from the bottom of my heart.

LITTLE women families - no touts
Courtesy Elena Gant

Tonya also said some extremely hurtful things in this episode. When Tonya and Jasmine were out for drinks, Tonya stated, “If Terra can do all of these other projects and neglect her kids, it would be nothing for her to neglect Elena’s kids.” Excuse me, Tonya? Neglect my kids? The last thing I would ever do is neglect my children. They are, hands down, the most important priority in my life.

If Tonya were in front of me as we speak, she would be getting an earful from me and it wouldn’t be nice.

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Regarding the cancer scare, that time in my life was frightening. Being probed and tested every which way isn’t ideal for anyone. I am proud to say that I’m cancer-free, but still testing and checking the area to be safe. Prayers and well wishes to everyone who is going through cancer and dealing with this same grueling process.

I honestly felt bothered and sad after watching this episode. So … baptism, baptism, baptism.

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime.

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