Terra Jolé Gets Candid About Her 'Little Women: LA' Costar Who 'Should Have Shut Her Mouth Out of Respect'

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime

New mom of two and Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé made history as the first little person to compete on Dancing with the Stars last season, and now she’s back on Lifetime’s hit show and blogging about season 6 exclusively for PEOPLE. Follow Jolé, 36, on Twitter!

This episode of Little Women: LA is drama on top of drama. The drinking game will be every time someone says “up Terra’s a$$.” Ha!

Mary’s still visiting and unfortunately I remember this week clear as day. I was struggling with keeping down food and keeping up with so much drama. For the record, if Mary throws down on Elena, she’s childish and way less “expensive” than I ever imagined. Mary may throw the first punch at Elena, but Elena will be the last one standing.

We all go thug life if our friends are in trouble, so hopefully Mary won’t bring out her hood roots.

I’ve always said that Elena and Jasmine will bond. Now that that’s happened, I truly don’t feel like Briana will ever be close again with Jasmine. EVER! It’s a normal transition for your friendship to change especially when trying to negotiate your home life. Elena and Jasmine not only have their relationship, but the bond of their husbands.

It may sound crazy, but I feel that Tonya and Mary could one day be like Elena and Jasmine. They both have a lot in common and could learn from each other. Mothers of one child, fashion designers, bossy as hell, and they are both strong little women. Unfortunately, we may not know what could become due to Mary’s visit coming to an end.

Mary’s catwalk was yet another catastrophe with Elena. Personally, Elena should have shut her Russian mouth out of respect when attending someone else’s audition. Ironically, I thought all of the women walked more confidently and fluid than Mary herself. Maybe that’s why she’s on the other side of the stage now?!?!

Lilly Lawrence/WireImage

I’m so grateful to Scott Rohlfs for making “red handed.” He’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with and it was an honor he chose one of my photos. Truly looking forward to our next photo shoot.

Thanks for reading — stay tuned for next week’s chaos!

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime.

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