'Little Women: LA' 's Terra Jolé: Christy Gibel Is 'Making Fun of Her Disability' and Constantly Lying

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime

New mom of two and Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé made history as the first little person to compete on Dancing with the Stars last season, and now she’s back on Lifetime’s hit show and blogging about season 6 exclusively for PEOPLE. Follow Jolé, 36, on Twitter!

Let’s dig in. This week, I think we all need a break from drinking. If I gave you the word “Fierce” again, to drink every time you heard it, you may get alcohol poisoning. Grab a bottle of water and let’s start a detox, ’cause this is a nasty episode.

Opening the show up with Jasmine and Elena fighting just seems fake like my eyelashes. Elena’s laughing the whole time and then Jasmine starts — makes me think they just like hearing the sound of their own voices. We are all involved in each other’s drama, but I really think we all need to pick our battles, including myself.

On another note, I’m so proud to be expanding my empire! Creating things for children gives me the opportunity to spend even more time with my children. Bonus! Building my Mini Mama brand is so important to me and my family. Finding ways to help my kids is now a passion I don’t take lightly! Joe is so supportive and I could honestly not ask for a better husband. I can’t wait to share the future products when they are perfected and released. Stay tuned!

I’m not proud of every job I’ve ever done, but I’m for sure proud of doing a spoof movie called The Hungover Games. I was a bear playing Ted … except I had a penis. The movie was a union paid, wonderful experience that never once felt degrading. Not only was the job great, but it was the fourth time I played a bear in my career. I’m a professional bear! That was one of my pitching points in my interview with the director. I wanted this job. You’re telling me that Christy wanted a job that calls her a midget? Lol.

Christy’s non-union music video with degrading language and horrible lyrics isn’t even in the same department. She’s making fun of her disability! She’s making fun and making it okay for the world to say “Midget.” That’s not okay, especially coming from the queen of “anti-bullying.” She wasn’t desperate for money to put food on the table — she was living at home with her family! The constant lies to cover up her unfortunate mistakes in life are pathetic. Yet another reason we lack as friends.

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The Warrior Dash was incredible. If you haven’t tried it, I totally recommend it! You put your body to the test! So many obstacles I found myself questioning if I was able to do. Just like life, you put one foot in front of the other and try! One of the hardest things to do was climbing a rope ladder. For most people, that is simple, but the size of the gap for each step basically went up to our waists. Quite a challenging obstacle course, and I loved every bit of it.

Does Jasmine protect Briana? Yes. Why? Briana simply doesn’t know how to stand up for herself. She talks a big game when she’s with Matt, but when she’s around the girls, she DOESN’T SPEAK! How are you supposed to fight for what you want in life if you never speak up? A woman that came to me asking for advice lacks the ability to follow advice. You aren’t going to get anywhere in life unless you ask. You’ll never know if you can move towards your goal unless you actually do it. Nobody is giving you a book — write it! Nobody is making you a model — take model photos on your own! And not by a photographer that offers fake promises. It’s not a how-to kind of thinking, it’s a common sense kind of thinking!

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Fierce at Four Foot Two is now up! Go to Amazon to pre-order! In reality, we have been making every detail of the book perfect which has pushed our release date a bit. I do mention all of the girls, but never did I have any intentions of being vindictive. I am a bitch at times, but I’m not a liar. I’ve said from the beginning that this book is about my life story, and though at times things were rough, it was worth it. You can accomplish big things, no matter your size. Be your version of fierce and take the chance today!

Until next week! I’m Terra Jolé! Thanks for listening! Tweet along with the show tonight, I’ll be joining you!

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime.

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