April 22, 2016 09:00 AM

Little Women: LA‘s Matt Ericson and Briana Renee’s marriage is in trouble.

A tearful Ericson apologizes to his pregnant wife for being unfaithful in an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming, two-hour special called Little Women LA: Matt & Briana.

“I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this,” Ericson says.

His wife isn’t totally convinced: “Seeing Matt cry is never an easy thing,” Renee tells the camera. “I understand he’s hurting. I understand he’s sorry. I understand all that, but I don’t care.”

Later, Ericson presents Renee with a list of why he wants to be with her. Among them: “We’re both crazy,” “You’re my everything,” “You believed in me” and “You have my baby.”

“Hearing the list Matt wrote, I still feel a lot of it is very much about him,” says Renee, hinting that it might not be enough.

The couple announced they were expecting a child in March. Their marriage was a source of controversy on this season of Little Women: LA, which aired its finale on Wednesday and saw Renee’s friends urging her to leave her husband.

Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana airs May 11 on Lifetime.

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