VIDEO: 'Little Women: LA' Star Elena Gant Gets Emotional at Vow Renewal Dress Fitting: 'I Wish I Could Hug My Sister'

The reality star shares a poignant moment with her costars when she reveals she hasn't seen her sister in four years


Trying on a wedding dress can surface all sorts of emotions – especially for Little Women LA‘s Elena Gant.

While trying on a stunning gown for her upcoming vow renewal ceremony to husband Preston, the blonde Russian beauty struggles to hold back tear when she’s asked by her friend and costar Terra Jolé what was missing form her first wedding.

“My dad, my mom and my sister,” Gant answers. “At some moments, you wish you would have someone to hug after something big happens in your life. I wish I could hug my sister. I haven’t seen her in four years”

Gant and her 6’2″ husband married a few years ago but were unable to have either of their families attend. Though Gant’s family is in Russia, the reality star still holds out hope that her sister can overcome previous visa issues and stand at her side on her (second) special day in Hawaii.

Says Gant, “I hope that this will be a reason enough for her to come here.”

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