'Little People, Big World' 's Jeremy Roloff on Brother Zach Asking Him to Be His Best Man: 'It Was About Time!'

The TLC reality star's wedding episode will air in August


Little People, Big World

star Zach Roloff got married Saturday, and fans can watch him ask his twin brother Jeremy to be his best man in Tuesday night’s episode.

In an exclusive sneak peek, Zach tells cameras that while things are coming together for his wedding, there’s still one thing he “need[s] Jeremy to do.”

“Here’s this,” says Zach, 25, as he tosses over a small white box to Jeremy.

Jeremy, 25, opens the box and finds an all-in-one bottle opener etched with the words “best man Jeremy Roloff.”

“Groomsman’s gift, dude,” Zach says. “Except for you, it’s a best man’s gift.”

“Good stuff, thank you,” says Jeremy – but not before teasing his brother that it was “about time” he asked.

“I’m really honored Zach asked me to be his best man,” Jeremy says to the camera. “But I mean, he sure did take his sweet time.”

In turn, Zach was Jeremy’s best man at Jeremy’s September 2014 wedding to Audrey Mirabella Roloff on the Roloff family farm – the same place Zach’s wedding to Tori Patton took place over the weekend.

“It ended up being a fantastic moment, just looking into Tori’s eyes and dancing,” Zach told PEOPLE of the couple’s romantic first dance. “Everything else went away.”

“It was like we are the only two people there,” added Patton, 24. “It was just Zach and me.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC, and the wedding will air as a two-hour special on TLC on Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

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