Little People, Big World's Amy Roloff Calls Ex Matt 'Pushy' While Clashing Over Shared Property

New episodes of Little People, Big World will premiere on TLC Sept. 29 

Though it’s been four years since Little People, Big World’s Amy and Matt Roloff divorced, the former couple are still clashing.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive first look at the upcoming season of the hit TLC show, premiering September 29, Amy prepares to move off the family’s farm after 30 years.

“This is it, the house is being emptied,” Amy, 55, says in the trailer as she finishes packing. “I’m kind of sad, how 30 years can be just put in a box, and poof, I'm out.”

While Amy admits to “feeling overwhelmed” by the move, her ex-husband Matt, 58, says, “She’s had trouble letting go in general and that’s something she has to work through on her own time.”

Though she did officially move out, Amy still co-owns the property with Matt, leading to some lingering tensions between the two, who have both found love again since their divorce — Amy with fiancé Chris Marek and Matt with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

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“We both own the property, we’re both invested in it,” says Amy, who raised twins Jeremy and Zach, 29, daughter Molly, 26, and son Jacob, 23 on the farm with Matt.

“I wish you wouldn’t be so defensive,” Matt replies.

"I wish you wouldn’t be so pushy,” Amy shoots back, before walking away from the disagreement.

In addition to documenting the tensions between Amy and Matt, the new season of Little People, Big World will follow Zach and his wife Tori as they juggle raising their two children.

little people big world

“I’m nervous about juggling a newborn, a toddler and a dog at the same time,” Zach admits in the trailer, referencing their 2-year-old son Jackson and 9-month-old daughter Lilah Ray. “It’s a lot to handle.”

His nerves are soon exacerbated, however, as Tori becomes worried about Lilah’s health. “It seems like she’s in pain,” the mom of two says. “The last couple of days Lilah hasn’t been feeling very well and today she woke up pretty bad.”

Tori gets emotional as she shares that she thinks the infant may have hydrocephalus, a condition that causes a buildup of fluid in the brain. “If that’s what it is, things could go very scary really quickly,” Tori says, as the trailer shows Amy comforting her daughter-in-law.

The new season of Little People, Big World will premiere on TLC Sept. 29.

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