'The Little Couple' Returns: Watch Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein's Kids Adjust to Their New Home

Zoey starts Bollywood dancing, and Will joins the Cub Scouts

The Little Couple‘s Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are finally settling into their new life in St. Petersburg, Florida, and their two kids, Will and Zoey, have some new favorite activities.

“When we left Houston, the kids were a little concerned,” Klein says in PEOPLE’s exclusive supertease for season 10. “But they’ve adjusted really, really well. Zoey is in Bollywood dancing, and Will in Cub Scouts, so that’s a big thing.

Adds Arnold: “Zoey, like Will, is pretty proud of her heritage. You know, Will loves everything China, and Zoey loves everything India. I think at this point, as Zoey is getting older, she is more inquisitive. It’s kind of fun. It makes me really proud that she is interested.”

The couple decided to make the move from Texas to Florida in 2017 after Arnold was offered a new position at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

“These are the memories that we are holding onto forever,” says Arnold after watching Zoey’s Bollywood dance recital.

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While the parents are loving everything about their exciting next chapter, they still feel stressed about Arnold’s health.

“Living in Florida is great, but the biggest challenge ahead of us is Jen’s hip replacement surgery,” says Klein. “Her hip is so dangerously close to just failing.”

Adds Arnold: “The risk sometimes when you have surgery, you just think, ‘Wow this is number 35.’ You know, ‘How many times am I coming to come out of these okay?’”

The Little Couple returns Aug. 6 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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