Lisa Rinna Denies Putting Xanax in a Smoothie as She Feuds with Dorit Kemsley over Drug Accusations

If there was any doubt that Lisa Rinna "owned" season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, look no further than Tuesday's final part of the three-part reunion

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If there was any doubt that Lisa Rinna “owned” season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, look no further than Tuesday’s final part of the three-part reunion — where the 53-year-old Melrose Place alum was the name on everybody’s lips.

Fresh off her walk-off during the concluding moments of last week’s episode, Rinna returned to the RHOBH reunion stage ready for battle.

She wasn’t worried about the criticism coming her way for some of her more pointed statements, telling host Andy Cohen: “I just speak my truth. I observe behavior and speak my truth.”

“I take it on the chin. I take it on the chin for everyone,” she added. “And I’m not a victim — I don’t play the victim ever. I just take it.”

Let’s take each of her reunion matches one-by-one.

1. Bunnygate

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When Kim Richards made the pointed move to return a gift bunny that Rinna had given her earlier in the season, it was a clear sign that the war between these two women was far from over as they once said it was. But although Rinna was left tearful and wounded from Kim’s first strike, she wasn’t taking it lying down.

“That was the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me,” Rinna told Kim backstage, as the recovering addict tried to explain herself. “And I will not accept this. I’m sorry. For you to do this? You are a sick woman. I can’t believe you would do that.”

“Never have I seen anything like that,” she added. “That was cruel. That was mean to do.”

Kim shot back. “See this is the Lisa I know,” she said. “You are a sick woman. After the way you’ve treated me Lisa?”

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The two continued their arguing on stage , where Rinna threw out an accusation Kim’s way that had the whole cast buzzing. “You know what Kim, you just want to be on a show and I’m your meal ticket,” Rinna said. “I’m it, baby. I’m sorry — I’m your meal ticket.”

It was a bold claim, considering Kim has been on the show every season since its premiere in 2010 — first as a Housewife (for five seasons) and then as a friend of the Housewives (for the past two seasons).

“I didn’t even want to be here today,” Kim told her. “I’ve been yours for the last few years. You talk talk talk about me, and I’m not even on the show.”

But she won’t have to worry about that much longer. “I’m not going to be talk talk talking about you ever again,” Rinna said. “I haven’t said one bad word about you in six months. I ended it that night we made amends. We tried to make amends and it didn’t work. I’m going to continue to be in that place and forgive and move one. Because I’ve moved on.”

2. “Kyle’s an enabler and Kim’s close to death”

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By now, Rinna has admitted to spreading damaging gossip about Kim and Kyle Richards to pal Eden Sassoon — gossip that alleged Kim might be in the middle of a relapse, was “close to dying” and was being enabled by her sister, Kyle.

But when first confronted about the gossip at first, Rinna played innocent — claiming she hadn’t said that and was being thrown under the bus by Sassoon.

So was Rinna lying? Dorit Kemsley and Kyle certainly thought so.

“You crucify anyone for saying anything!” Kemsley said. “I mean, I didn’t remember a five-minute conversation at a dinner party [and] you crucified me in the show!”

“I think she was probably taken aback and was thrown off and wasn’t expecting it,” Kyle theorized. “You just weren’t ready with all us standing there.”

Rinna maintained her innocence though. “I did not remember saying that so I was really upset,” she said. “I really didn’t remember on my children’s lives. I don’t say that.”

3. Xanax Smoothies

The biggest revelation of the evening came when Rinna’s joke about putting Xanax in her smoothies came up. Turns out, she’s never done it before!

“I’ve never put one in a smoothie, but I’d like to,” she said. “I’d want one now.”

So why did she say the comment in the first place? “I did it in a funny way,” Rinna said. “I do things to get a rise out of people. We were having smoothies!”

If she wanted to put a Xanax in her smoothie, she certainly has the pills. Rinna brought her now infamous bag of medication with her to the reunion stage, listing them off one by one.

“Advil, Tylenol, Multiclear, Vitamin D, Replenish, Essence, Relaxed Wanderer, Calcium Magnesium, Green Tea, Alieve, Digestive Enzymes, Benadryl, Protonix, Estrogen …” she said. “I travel with [my bag] and I always have it with me. I know everything in here.”

4. The drug accusations

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Perhaps the most hurtful gossip of the season revolved around drugs — Kemsley appearing to suggest that Rinna might have a problem with Xanax and Rinna asking Kemsley if anyone at her house was doing cocaine.

In actuality, neither of the women were guilty of what they were being accused of. But Kemsley was quick to point out that she had only asked if Rinna’s personality was induced — never that it was induced.

“That’s very different from saying, ‘She’s got a Xanax problem,’ ” Kemsley said. “You actually brought the story, Lisa. I never said you had a problem with Xanax. You actually said, ‘Dorit said I had a problem with Xanax.’ So you actually brought those words!”

Kemsley may have had a point — but Rinna still felt she was justified in asking about the drug use at her party.

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“I felt like if we were going to be talking about drugs, we should be honest — fully,” Rinna said. “There was a reason I went there — because that’s what I saw. You were talking about drugs so I was like, ‘If we’re going to talk about drugs, that I’m going to say what I observed at your house.’ I wasn’t saying it’s you. I observed it in your home!”

That wasn’t flying with Kemsley. “I’m a mom of two babies and you went there for no reason,” she said. “I didn’t deserve that. You did it specifically to hurt me. You did it specifically to fame my character, to make me look like a drug addict, bad mom.”

Cohen took it to the end, and asked — once and for all — if there was any cocaine at Kemsley’s party? “Of course not,” she said.

And had Rinna’s behavior ever been induced? “No, this is my behavior — 100 percent,” she said. “Clean and clear. So again, if you don’t like what you see, it is absolutely not induced.”

Rinna. Owning it until the end.

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