On Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna finally owned up to her bad behavior towards Kim Richards as the two rivals agreed to end their feud
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Lisa Rinna has owned it.

On Tuesday’s all new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the 53-year-old actress finally admitted to spreading damaging gossip about Kim and Kyle Richards to pal Eden Sassoon — gossip that alleged Kim — a recovering addict — might be in the middle of a relapse, was “close to dying” and was being enabled by her sister, Kyle.

It was a change in tune for the Melrose Place alum, who had spent the past two episodes denying that her loose lips were the source of the rumors.

But after taking some time to recall the conversation she had with Sassoon while the two were shopping after Rinna’s game night face-off with Kim, it all came flying back.

“I’m realizing that I’ve said it, I did say those things. I now have to own it,” Rinna said. “It’s not always an easy thing to admit, but I tell the truth. And I will always tell my truth and stick to my truth. So I have to go in there and say, ‘You know what, I said it.’ ”

Lisa Rinna
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The Lisa Rinna apology tour wouldn’t be easy, but it did conveniently only have one stop: Kyle’s house — where Kim and Sassoon were gathered at a dessert tasting event along with a party full of eager Housewives and friends of Housewives, including Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Dorit Kemsley, Camille Grammer, Kim’s sponsor Clare, and Wilson Phillips star Carnie Wilson. (What, was Faye Resnick’s invitation lost in the mail?)

Anyway, things were fine in the beginning until Rinna finally decided to address the situation to Kim in front of the group. “It’s my time of reckoning,” she confessed to viewers, before telling the women that she had in fact said what Sassoon was accusing her of saying.

“I see that you’re in a good place right now — I do,” Rinna told Kim. “This was in the heat of the moment after game night. It was coming from a place where I felt very safe with Eden. We are two people who have lost sisters. We lost our sisters to overdoses.”

“I wasn’t maligning. You were provoking me and I didn’t understand that,” she continued. “I have only wanted to move on with you … It wasn’t necessarily a fair judgement call.”

Kyle Richards and Kim Richards
Kyle Richards and Kim Richards
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But Kim was livid and didn’t waste any time digging into Rinna. “Lisa, you’re always saying things,” she said. “You don’t think of the consequences for other people. My children were affected. My sisters are affected. My friends are affected. My grandchild will be affected … This is so traitorous.”

Rinna tried to defend herself by bringing up Kim’s behavior at game night. “Normally in the moment of that, a sober person doesn’t act like that,” she said.

That didn’t go over well with Kyle. “Anyone who saw my sister at game night could see that my sister was sober,” she said. “You lied and now you’re trying to cover your ass.”

Kim then turned her sights on Sassoon — a former addict who is also sober and often tried to make comparisons between the relationship she had with her deceased sister, Catya Sassoon, and the relationship the Richards sisters have with one another.

Eden Sassoon
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“You, being in recovery, try to go around and repeat it? … There’s something about people in recovery — we don’t beat each other down, we build each other up and we support each other,” Kim said. “You sat out here and you jumped into business that you had nothing to know.”

“And by the way, you’re not Kim and Kyle Richards,” she continued. “Okay? Don’t get confused here. I get the Catya and Eden story …”

“Kim knew her— it has nothing to do with not being compassionate,” Kyle injected, addressing Sassoon. “I can’t imagine what you must have gone through losing your sister. That is horrific. And I met your sister and she was a beautiful girl. That must have been a nightmare to you. But you can’t compare your sister to ours.”

That’s when Rinna brought up the the infamous Amsterdam battle — where Kim implied Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin was hiding something. (See: “Let’s talk about the husband … everybody will know!”).

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“How do you think I felt when you said something about my husband?” Rinna asked Kim. “It even hurt Harry, even though he would never say it did. But do you know how many people have come up to him and said ‘What did you do?’ Imagine that in your life. So it did hurt our family.”

With some prodding from her sister, Kim finally owned up to the fact that her statements had damaging implications for Rinna. “I said I’m sorry for that,” Kim said. “I have said that to you so many times Lisa. I don’t have anything — I don’t know anything.”

That paved the way for the two to finally make up, once and for all.

“I get it now,” Rinna said. “I accept your apology. I accept it, thank you. I am sorry that I hurt you, that I am truly sorry for Kim. I was really trying not to talk about you and I was really trying to come from that place. I did have that moment after game night. I don’t want to go there.”

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“You and I have never had the chance to heal,” she told Kim. “I am so trying. I want to be able to forgive and come from a place of true love for you. I do.”

Kim appeared to understand, but stood by her defensive behavior. “I just can’t have my world out there again,” she said. “As hard as I worked last year, I won’t stand back. I am going to stand up for myself. Because sometimes when I have been put in that situation, I have felt like I was going to die. And I get very defensive. I almost felt like it was a death for me — going through some of the things I went through.”

Luckily, by the end, the two agreed on one thing: to let it go.

“Don’t we all want to move on?” Rinna asked. “Don’t we all want to heal the situation? Can we end it? Truly. From this moment on, every ounce of my being wants to move on.”

“I’m over it,” Kim said. “It just has to stop. I just feel like it’s always — there comes a time where it has to end.”

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