Lisa Vanderpump forgave Lisa Rinna on Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — though Eileen Davidson wasn't so lucky
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Lisa Vanderpump is known for being many things on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s a loving mother to two children; a loyal friend; a hardworking restauranteur; and a passionate champion for animal rights.

But one thing the 56-year-old Housewife is not known for being is incredibly forgiving — especially after friends betray her trust and kindness.

So imagine the shock RHOBH fans felt on Tuesday’s all-new episode when Vanderpump did the seemingly unthinkable and forgave Lisa Rinna, whom she had clashed with throughout most of last season.

The unexpected moment came at an unexpected place: on the dance floor of new Housewife Dorit Kemsley‘s 40th birthday party. That’s where Rinna decided to approach the SUR owner, for a light-hearted and joyful dance.

Her approach confused Vanderpump at first. After all, the two had been exchanging in awkward small talk earlier in the evening — filled with not-so-subtle digs by Vanderpump. “Rinna now wants me as her dance partner?” she asked audiences. “No — life doesn’t work this way. We need to address some things first.”

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“Remember, this is the person you said was evil,” she told Rinna. “I’m the evil one.”

But Rinna wasn’t looking backwards. “In the end, I like you more than I don’t like you,” she told Vanderpump. “You don’t have to give me [a second chance]. I’m just saying how I feel — you can do whatever you want.”

“I’m not getting tired of Vanderpump taking the piss out of me because to me, it’s a step in the right direction,” she confessed to viewers. “It means we’re communicating. I feel that it’s progress.”

Vanderpump was open to moving forward — admitting that she preferred the side of Rinna when “she’s not calling me an evil manipulative bitch.” But Vanderpump told Rinna she wanted “a f—— apology” first.

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Rinna obliged. “I’m sorry for treating you and being hard on you,” she said. “I was hard on you. So I will apologize for that. I’m sorry for being so hard on you. And I’m not proud of it. ”

It shocked Vanderpump, who swiftly agreed to move on. “I never thought I’d actually get an apology from Rinna,” she told viewers. “So this just [small] bit of remorse gives me little bit of hope for the future.”

“I think that’s as good as it’s gonna get with Lisa Vanderpump,” Rinna remarked. “I’m hopeful that’s closure and we’re moving forward.”

The Melrose Place alum wanted to move forward too. As she told Kyle Richards, the death of her father gave her a new perspective on things.

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“I think that we were so divided and everybody got on one thing and wouldn’t get off of it,” she said. “As I was saying to Eileen, once you lose a parent or once you lose someone close to you, for me — everything changed. My perspective, it was like, life’s too short. You have to accept someone for who they are and get on with it. You can get over it. it just takes time.”

While Vanderpump and Rinna were able to kiss and make up, it wasn’t as easy for Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson. Vanderpump was still holding on to a lot of the resentment, even complaining to husband Ken Todd that Davidson was “pretty cold” when the two had seen one another at Erika Girardi’s 45th birthday party the week prior.

When they saw one another at Kemsley’s event, Vanderpump expressed condolences to Davidson for the loss of her mother. But she wasn’t apologizing for bringing up the fact that Davidson and her husband of 13 years Vincent Van Patten had met when they were both in other marriages.

As Vanderpump explained, “Hell would freeze over before I would apologize to Eileen Davidson again.”

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Their lack of communication really bothered Davidson — especially when Vanderpump made a dig about Van Patten having his head up somebody’s skirt.

“I can take a joke — I think I have a really good sense of humor,” Davidson explained. “I also think I have a pretty idea sense of who Lisa Vanderpump is, and I think this ‘British humor’ is quite exactly what she’s saying it is. I think it’s a little loaded.”

“It seems strange after everything that happened with me and Lisa Vanderpump for it to just go away,” she added. “I’m trying to figure out how to be okay. I know Lisa Rinna is too. I’m pretty sure we’re not going to have the same approach.”

One thing was clear to Richards — if Vanderpump was going to forgive Rinnam she also had to forgive Davidson. “You either forgive them both or you hold onto a grudge with them both, Richards said. “But it wouldn’t make sense if she forgives one and not the other.”

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