Lisa Kudrow is shutting down a Friends reunion for a very good reason

By Ale Russian
March 09, 2017 01:22 PM

In the age of TV revivals, Friends is the one fan-favorite show that’s repeatedly shut down rumors of a reunion — and star Lisa Kudrow thinks she knows why.

The actress, 53, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that a revival of the hit NBC show is “off the table” as far as she knows, though she thinks the upcoming Will & Grace one is great. But when it comes to Friends, Kudrow admits that she would be willing to come back to the show if there’s more to know about Phoebe and the gang.

“You never know if the story’s been told or if there’s yet another story to tell,” the actress says. “But the thing about that show is that it was all about people in that stage of life, so that story was told for sure. Are we interested in people in this phase of life? I don’t know, that’s probably a scary question. The show wasn’t about six people who have teenagers.”

What’s not scary to the actress is the thought of stepping back into Phoebe’s shoes, however, as she says she would feel fine “if it was the right story.”

Kudrow with June Squibb, Tony Revolori, Stephen Merchant and Craig Robinson in Table 19

The actress is also starring in the Anna Kendrick-led Table 19, where she plays a character named Bina who is seated at the worst table at a wedding full of guests who probably shouldn’t be there. The movie also stars Craig Robinson and Stephen Merchant, and she says filming was especially fun with such a great cast.

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“One of the most fun things was we had to wait around a lot and sometimes Craig would start singing and Anna would join in,” the actress reveals. “They were so good! It was amazing having little private concerts with those two.”

The actress admits that the whole experience was hilarious — and she was usually the one who couldn’t keep it together when it came the funniest scenes. “I was probably the most unprofessional, I think I broke more than anybody and actually started irritating people,” she says. “But it was really funny and I couldn’t help it!”

Table 19 is in theaters now.