September 12, 2017 07:58 AM


A former reality star is in hot water for seemingly boasting about escaping Hurricane Irma’s dangerous path in a private jet.

Lisa Hochstein – who appeared on Real Housewives of Miami during its short run – shared a photo of her family posing in front of the plane over the weekend, announcing that they were leaving Florida.

Numerous commenters took offense to the image – which came amid sweeping evacuations across the state – including Hochstein’s former co-star, Joanna Krupa.

“All those A holes posting and showing off w their private jets in Miami, why don’t u offer help families and animals that can’t get out?” Krupa wrote on Twitter on Sept. 7. She added, “Otherwise stop posting and showing off when people and animals are being left behind during this catastrophic hurricane. Idiots !”

In response to the flurry of negative attention, Hochstein updated the caption of her post to address “all of these ignorant people leaving nasty comments.”

“Although it’s none of your damn business we were not the only ones in this plane,” said Hochstein. “Every seat was occupied and my son had to sit in my lap. EVERYONE IS POSTING ON SM about how they escaped! This happens to be mine and I don’t need to apologize or hide to ANYONE ABOUT HOW WE DO SO.”

Hochstein added that she and husband Lenny Hochstein didn’t have “paperwork for our dogs to fly commercial as every vet was closed and every flight was booked and there is no way in hell we would leave them behind.”

She continued with a message for “nasty” commenters, saying, “Get off my page and worry about yourself and how you can help instead if wasting your energy on attacking me.”

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In her initial post, Hochstein said that her family had “waited until the last minute” to evacuate, but ultimately decided to leave because of their son Logan. She wrote, “I’m praying for everyone who already has been devastated by this hurricane and pray that Somehow by a miracle Florida is not hit so hard.”

According to ABC News, Hurricane Irma has caused at least 11 confirmed deaths in the United States and left nearly 6.7 million people without power.

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