By People Staff
May 23, 2008 12:00 AM

If you were wildly anticipating Lindsay Lohan‘s guest role on Thursday’s Betty, then you might have been left in an ugly mood. The season finale delivered only a single flashback scene with the actress. She played a mean girl who used Betty Suarez as a human shield during a schoolyard game of dodge ball. (Watch a clip.) Very Hairspray. Anyway, she’ll be back in the fall. Anticipate wildly all summer, if you want.

Betty fans had nothing to complain about, though. It was a fun, campy episode — Naomi Campbell had a cameo playing softball, you know? — but light on drama. Wilhelmina landed at the top of the Mode masthead, ousting Daniel, who learned he had fathered a son with a (recently deceased) French hand model in Paris, and he and the boy bonded. Meanwhile, Betty has to make up her mind between two opposing offers: marriage, proposed by Henry, or a trip to Rome, courtesy of Gio. Only an idiot would pick Henry — but Betty’s actual decision, like Lindsay’s real performance, will have to wait for the third season. –Tom Gliatto

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