The actress was up for anything, they say, and all but insisted they poke fun at her troubled past

By Tim Nudd
March 05, 2012 09:35 AM

You can count the Saturday Night Live cast among those rooting for Lindsay Lohan to make a successful comeback – though of course they’ll needle her a little bit along the way.

“She was fantastic and really a good sport,” cast member Taran Killam said Sunday at the Secret Policeman’s Ball in New York, the day after Lohan’s hosting job on the NBC comedy show. Killam said the actress, 25, flat-out encouraged the cast to make fun of her.

“She let us go there, and we tried to handle it as gently as possible,” he said. “She was the one who was, like, ‘Go to town!’ She really wants to turn it around, and she was great. I was surprised. She was a real trooper.”

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Bobby Moynihan said he was shocked when Lohan started improvising during rehearsals. “She started throwing stuff in,” he said. “It was a hip-hop morning-show sketch, and at one point, she just took the microphone and said, ‘Preach!’ I was, like, ‘What? Go Lindsay!’ ”

He added: “She really wanted to do a good job, and I think she did it … She was super nice, very calm and normal.”

Killam predicted Lohan will turn things around in her life and career. “I think enough people want her to,” he said. “I think there’s an energy that’s pushing for that.”

• Reporting by CATHERINE KAST

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