Lindsay Lohan Reflects on Nico Tortorella's Fake Proposal in 2013: 'We're Like Brother and Sister'

Longtime friends Lohan and Tortorella reunite on Monday's episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

Lindsay Lohan and Nico Tortorella go way back.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, the longtime friends reunite when Younger star Tortorella, 30, makes a special trip to Lohan’s beach club in Mykonos, Greece.

“Nico Tortorella and I were friends for a long time,” explains Lohan, 32. “And yes, we were ‘engaged,’ but we’re like brother and sister when we’re together.” (In 2013, Lohan Instagrammed a photo of Tortorella on bended knee, joking that it was her “first proposal.”)

“Loyalty is really important to me. I’ve lost a lot of friends in my life from being, you know, unloyal to me,” she adds. “If you lie to me once, I will never trust you again. But that’s why Nico was really special to me. I think he’s a great guy. I think he’s very respectful.”


The two embrace and Lohan immediately starts teasing him.

“He’s nervous right now!” she says, ribbing him for wearing a single pearl earring.

“Are you going to start making fun of me already?” he says. “That literally took seven minutes for her to start making fun of me. Seven minutes!”

“You don’t understand — it’s been a very long relationship,” Lohan says. “I took him to his first sweat lodge!”

“It’s longer than expected,” Tortorella admits.

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Tortorella, who is sexually fluid, tied the knot with his longtime partner Bethany Meyers, who identifies as gay, last March.

In an interview with InStyle a few months after his wedding, Tortorella admitted it wasn’t the first time he’d considered exchanging vows.

“I’ve almost been married a few times from some drunk situations,” he said, laughing. “If you Google ‘Nico Tortorella proposes to Lindsay Lohan,’ there are some good images that pop up.”

“I still love her so much!” he added of Lohan. “We both had to do the work on ourselves, and I think we’re both in a lot healthier places now then we were 4-5 years ago.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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