Stephen M. Silverman
September 21, 2012 10:15 AM

As the most famous celebrity couple of the ’60s – if not the 20th century – Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were known as the “Battling Burtons” during their two tumultuous marriages and divorces.

Now, Lindsay Lohan, who has been known to face some battles of her own, is assaying the role of the violet-eyed, little-girl-voiced beauty who captured the hearts of millions, to say nothing of that of the lusty Welshman who could always act rings around his costars. (Watch the trailer below.)

Just how well LiLo comes off as La Liz, and True Blood‘s Grant Bowler as Dick, can be sampled in a 30-second trailer for the Lifetime TV movie Liz & Dick.

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The finished film will air this November, while the trailer officially makes its TV bow during Sunday night’s Emmys.

But, for now, amid the commercial’s claims that the subjects of the biopic were “infamous,” “scandalous” and dangerous,” and that the film itself is “television’s biggest event,” here is a peek at Lohan as Taylor and Bowler as Burton.

What do you think?

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