Lohan tells Ellen DeGeneres that her reality series was "really scary" but ultimately a good thing

Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

A seemingly content Lindsay Lohan told Ellen DeGeneres that she’s refocused her life in New York, where she is comforted by family and inspired by the creativity of her friends as she maintains her sobriety and gets back to work.

“I don’t have as much anger anymore,” she said. “I have more peace in my life.”

Smiling and laughing – and sharing details of her workout, which includes, Pilates, yoga and yes, pole dancing, three times a week – Lohan, 27, told DeGeneres in an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Monday that she’s found more balance as her reality series for Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN network has finished shooting.

“It’s pretty raw. It’s very honest,” Lohan says of the gritty and candid program, which saw her opening up, with some difficulty, about her life’s journey after early fame and plenty of rehab.

“It was really scary at first and I didn’t expect it to be what it became,” she says of the reality show. “It got really overwhelming, but it’s probably one of the best things that I’ve allowed myself to do. It was kind of hard getting into an apartment, reliving my life, living a sober life and having cameras there for all of it.”

Her future now includes fewer nightclub outings that in the past brought her negative attention. “There is nothing left for me in going out to certain places,” she said. “It’s not worth it to me.”

Her current focus includes working alongside her brother on a new fashion app called Spotted Friend, which Lohan told DeGeneres is “like Shazam, but for clothing.” She also shared that she’s starting a new film project for Lionsgate come May.

Getting out of Los Angeles, where she said she lost track of her work focus, also has been a huge positive. “When I was here in L.A., I got very lonely. Back in New York and being around a lot of friends who are creative, I realize how happy I am doing that,” Lohan said, noting the city also gave her newfound anonymity.

“Moving back to my family and home has made a big difference to me. My family is there. My friends that I grew up with are there.” And best of all, no paparazzi, she said. “They have not bothered me at all. It’s strange.”

Lohan also said that her last time in rehab was for the right reasons – not because a court ordered her to go to avoid jail, but because she wanted to take time to reflect and also mature.

As for dating, men are off her radar, Lohan said, even though her brother hijacked her Instagram account to say he linked her up on the dating app Tinder – without her approval.

“I just want to work and take care of me right now,” she says of finding love. “That’s not even a thought.”