Linda Thompson Poses with Ex Caitlyn Jenner: 'I Never Could Have Imagined' Coveting Her Outfit

The former spouses were married from 1981-86 and share two sons: Brody and Brandon Jenner

Over 30 years after their divorce, Linda Thompson and Caitlyn Jenner have an entirely different relationship.

Last Saturday, the ex-spouses reunited at their son Brody Jenner‘s fiancée Kaitlynn Carter‘s bridal shower at the Santa Anita Park racetrack in Los Angeles. On Tuesday, Thompson shared a boomerang of her, Caitlyn and the bride-to-be posing together at the celebration.

“Well. Okay. Here’s something I never could have imagined. My coveting the beautiful blue Alice and Olivia pants suit worn by the father of my children at our future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower,” she captioned the post. “Always with love, kindness & good will…A LITTLE THING CALLED LIFE.”

Thompson, 67 and Caitlyn, 68, were married from 1981-86 and share two sons: Brody and Brandon, now 34 and 36, respectively.

After Caitlyn publicly came out as transgender in 2015, Thompson opened up about their former marriage in her August 2016 memoir, A Little Thing Called Life — and the confusion and desperation she felt as she struggled to come to terms with Caitlyn’s desire to transition from male to female.

According to Thompson, Caitlyn (at the time known as Bruce) gathered the strength to open up about her gender identity crisis with her then-wife in 1985, confessing that she identifies as a woman.

Thompson kept Caitlyn’s secret for years, even from their sons.

“I felt such an obligation to keep Bruce’s gender dysphoria his secret that I did not even tell my sons until they were 31 and 29 years old, respectively,” she wrote in the book. “I wanted them to experience enough life and garner enough knowledge, confidence and compassion to be able to deal with their father’s true self.”

Of getting to know Caitlyn, Thompson wrote: “I sometimes find it surreal to look into her perfectly made-up, beautiful brown eyes, while remembering the masculine, gorgeous man who fathered my sons.”

“I completely accept, respect, and support Caitlyn,” she continued. “But I must admit, I sometimes miss Bruce.”

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