Lily Collins Is Wishing for a Third Season of 'Emily in Paris' : 'I Really Hope We Get to Come Back'

Season 2 of Emily in Paris will air Dec. 22 on Netflix

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Could a third season of Emily in Paris happen?

In a conversation with Glamour about season 2, series star Lily Collins said she already wants the show to be renewed and spoke about reprising the role of Emily in future seasons.

"I hope that we get a season three, because I really hope we get to come back and do this again," the actress, 32, said. (There has yet to be an official announcement about a third season.)

Season 2 will see Emily, the Chicagoan who moved to Paris with little knowledge of French culture or language, settle further into French life.

A trailer for Season 2 shows the marketing maven vacationing on French beaches with friends, contemplating relationships and generally discussing the chaos of her life in France.

Stephanie Branchu & Carole Bethuel/Netflix

The first season received some backlash after viewers claimed the Netflix show wasn't diverse enough. Collins also spoke to Glamour about her reaction to the backlash, specifically from French viewers who didn't love the country's portrayal.

"I did not expect it to all of a sudden be something that people were upset [about]," she said. "And we do poke fun at America too. Emily is just as willing to mention things about where she's from, and they joke about her as much as things are joked about her coworkers or the way of life there. And so when it was little nitpicky things about deep-dish, or that I messed up from the age, I laughed about that. I messed up, I'm so sorry."

Stephanie Branchu & Carole Bethuel/Netflix

Collins, who is also a producer on the show, has been teasing plot and diversity changes in season 2 following the backlash.

"I felt like it was definitely an opportunity to be able to do better in season two. It was definitely difficult to go through in a sense, but nowhere near as difficult as what the overall conversation was. And that was what was most important," she told the outlet.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris will air all episodes Dec. 22 on Netflix.

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