Lili Reinhart Returns to Twitter After Hiatus, Tells Trolls They're 'Insecure and Unhappy'

The Riverdale star took a break from the social media platform last month after experiencing an onslaught of negativity

Lili Reinhart is back to bashing internet trolls.

On Thursday, the Riverdale actress, 22, returned to Twitter for the first time in almost three weeks. She had previously vowed to take a break from the social media platform after experiencing an onslaught of negativity.

“At the end of the day, if you go online to attack people who you don’t know… you are only making it brutally apparent how insecure and unhappy you are,” she wrote. “Misery loves company. Which is why hate grows. And people find happiness in hating or criticizing the same things.”

“So think of how you’re presenting yourself as a human being when you choose to do so,” she concluded.

She also expressed her appreciation for those supporting her.

“Also, just a general thank you to everyone who is so kind and loving to me,” she tweeted. “I see you. I see your messages. It makes my heart happy. Thank you for your love.”

On her Instagram Story, Reinhart admitted she gives “too much of myself to those people … judging my pictures and words, without actually seeing anything or knowing any part of me.”

“The last people on earth who deserve it,” she wrote. “And I feel regret. For letting them spark a reaction out of me. When I know all too well that the moment will pass.”

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Reinhart announced her Twitter hiatus on Dec. 16.

“Do people on Twitter ever get tired of being so negative and disrespectful to literally everyone and everything? Are they really that miserable? There’s hate everywhere. But especially on Twitter,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “It’s like a cesspool for evil 15-year-olds who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and have nothing better to do.”

Reinhart said she was tired of feeling attacked over everything from her job to her relationship — she’s dating her Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse — and issued a warning to her trolls: hating on her won’t make you love yourself.

“Hate to break it to you online trolls: Spreading your hate and overall negativity online won’t make you any less miserable,” she wrote. “K bye.”

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Since breaking out as Betty Cooper on the hit CW show last year, Reinhart has made a point to use her social media platforms to speak out against hate and promote a positive body image.

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