July 03, 2018 01:32 PM

Lili Reinhart has made it clear: She has no interest in discussing her offscreen relationship with Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse.

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Reinhart, 21, declines to address the highly speculated romance and opens up about why her privacy is sacred, explaining: “I don’t act to be famous. I just am a performer.”

“I’m not okay talking about my relationship,” she said. “I’m not going to tell you my love story. That’s just not appropriate right now.”

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Sprouse, 25, and Reinhart have kept mum on their relationship since rumors started swirling in May 2017. Though they have yet to confirm they’re dating, they posed arm-in-arm on the red carpet of the 2018 Met Gala in May.

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Last year, Sprouse opened up to PEOPLE about their decision to keep mum.

“Lili and I are constantly talked about in the public eye, and for me I think that it is being deeply informed by the love of the characters and wanting to see us together,” he said. “I think that in many ways it’s offensive and an invasion of privacy, but it’s also a badge of honor because it means you’re creating a chemistry onscreen that is so understandable that people want to see it in real life, which is flattering from a professional perspective.”

“Because whether you dismiss those rumors or whether you encourage those rumors, it’s giving people who are in my opinion are a bit entitled to your personal life more power, and you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry,” he explained. “So I just never talk about it because it’s not anyone’s right to know. People can speculate all they want, people speculate about me with every member of the cast practically, but it’s really no one’s right to know. It’s also sexy, these parts of the relationships that are just yours.”

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Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Reinhart admits she’s had a hard time coming to terms with the ceaseless public attention.

“People knew who I was in Hawaii, and people knew who I was in Paris. My cast mates have gone all over the world and people recognize them. It’s on a global scale,” she says. “I’m a blonde white girl. I have sunglasses on and a hat. How do people look at me, and in an instant, they know? People are seeing my face that much… It’s something I can’t wrap my head around. I don’t know how you ever can.”

Tyler Joe/HarpersBazaar.com

Recalling an instance in which she politely declined to take fan photos while out and about with costar Casey Cott, Reinhart says the crowd started screaming.

“They said, ‘Why do you hate your fans?’ ” she recalls. “That felt like the most dehumanizing thing… I see them saying, ‘Your fans are what make you,’ and I appreciate the love and support. But you have to understand that I’m not on 100 percent of the time. And I shouldn’t be expected to be.”

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She’s also struggled with what she calls “the speculation.”

“Am I pregnant? Am I dating someone? Am I gay? Am I gaining weight? Am I homophobic?” she says. “People will always have something to say. I’ve accepted that. It doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating when people say those things. It’s not like it just rolls off my back.”

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