Lili Reinhart Posts Sweet Valentine's Day Selfie with Cole Sprouse: 'You Make Me Very Happy'

The Riverdale costars are notoriously tight-lipped about their relationship

Lili Reinhart usually keeps her relationship with Cole Sprouse out of the public eye, but this Valentine’s Day, she couldn’t resist giving him a sweet shout-out.

Sharing a sunset selfie of the two smiling at each other, Reinhart captioned the post: “You make me very happy. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

Sprouse, 26, dedicated his own post to Reinhart, 22, revealing a new photo he recently took of her. (He’s been known to share photos of his “muse” on social media.)

“Quite actually the only thing keeping me sane is @lilireinhart,” he wrote.

The Riverdale actress is notoriously private about her relationship with her costar/boyfriend, and in a cover interview for Teen Vogue‘s October issue, she said it’s because “it’s just between two people, and that’s the way it should be.”

“It’s not like I’m trying to dangle my relationship in front of people’s faces like, ‘You don’t know anything about us,’ ” she said. “It’s just, you don’t need to know. People feel like they’re owed that, and you’re absolutely not owed anything by me.”

That said, she did reveal one small detail.

“I like to go on adventures with Cole,” she said. “Truly, adventures. He takes me to places where I’m like, ‘How did you find this?’ He’s made me see these things that I would have never seen otherwise. It’s escapism, which is so beautiful and wonderful.”

Sprouse also guards the relationship close to his chest.

“It’s not something that we hide, or it’s not something that we show off,” he told GQ in an interview published Thursday. “It’s just something that exists.”

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