"If you call me a name, I'm gonna call you a name back," Jones said

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty

Leslie Jones is aware that her Saturday Night Live moments aren’t always well-received by the Twitter community. And she explained to Seth Meyers on Tuesday just how she deals with the haters.

“I am a human being,” Jones said to applause from the Late Night audience. “If you call me a name, I’m gonna call you a name back! I don’t care how famous I am, or how popular I am, if you call me a gorilla, I’m gonna call your mama one.”

“And I’ll blow you up, too,” Jones added, explaining that she re-Tweets her attackers to make an example out of them to the rest of her Twitter followers.

“Let that be a caution to everyone out there,” Meyers warned.

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But Jones wasn’t always in the tough-crowd world of comedy. She also discussed her sporty background as a college basketball player before making the jump.

“I had a scholarship at Colorado State,” she explained. “My friend entered me into a comedy contest and said, ‘B—-, you funny. You’ve gotta just try it and if you don’t like it you can just go back to playing basketball.’ ”

“As soon as I touched the mic, I knew that was what I was gonna do for the rest of my life,” she said.