Jeremy Miller says he and Leonardo DiCaprio were "good friends on the set"

By Char Adams
Updated January 29, 2016 11:35 AM

Growing Pains star Jeremy Miller is the first to admit Leonardo DiCaprio joining the ’80s sitcom’s cast was “a little weird.”

In an exclusive sneak peek at Saturday’s Oprah: Where Are They Now?, the 39-year-old actor opens up about a young DiCaprio joining the cast of the ’80s sitcom.

“There was a little bit of competition there,” Miller of working with DiCaprio, 41.

“I have to admit it bothered me a little bit that the network felt necessary to bring him in rather than focusing on my character who had now grown up and could kind of take over for Mike as, you know, the rapscallion, whatever you wanted.”

He adds, “So yeah, it was a little weird.”

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DiCaprio played Luke Brower, a homeless boy taken in by the Seaver family during the show’s last two seasons.

“It was a little weird. But we got along great, we hung out,” Miller says.

“I mean, we were close in age; he’s only about a year older than me. So we would mess around on the set, hang out together. We ran lines together. So we were good friends on the set.”

After the family sitcom ended in 1992, Miller left the spotlight. In 2014, he revealed that he works as a patient advocate at a clinic in Santa Ana, California.

As for DiCaprio, well, we know how that turned out.

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