The actress and the TV host battled to see who could deliver the pithiest, most passive-aggressive barbs

Playing Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Lena Headey spends much of her time onscreen doing three things: drinking wine, insulting people and seducing her brother.

On Monday night, Headey went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to do the first two of those things.

Sipping wine out of large medieval goblets, the actress and the TV host competed in a battle of the barbs to see who could deliver the pithiest, most passive-aggressive insults.

Headey brought her A-game from the very first moment, and Kimmel was clearly flustered by the rawness of the assault, stumbling multiple times throughout the verbal duel. Or, to put it in terms Game of Thrones viewers would understand: Kimmel was Jaime, Headey was Bronn.

In another corner of the Internet, Wil Wheaton was convinced he could improve on the HBO fantasy series’ famous title sequence. How do you keep track of the dozens of major and minor characters on Game of Thrones? Easy – just steal a page from The Brady Bunch.

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