Lena Dunham Voices Support for Kim Kardashian After Paris Robbery: 'My Heart Is with Kim'

On Monday, Kardashian West was gagged, bound and robbed of nearly $11 million worth of jewelry

Lena Dunham has been “thinking about [Kim Kardashian] every day” since she found out about the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s terrifying Paris robbery.

The Girls creator and star discussed Kardashian’s life-threatening incident on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” Wednesday.

“So awful. I literally am thinking about her every day like she’s my friend even though I don’t know her. I’m like, ‘Is she feeling okay? Is she talking to somebody? I’m worried,” Dunham, 30, told the radio co-hosts about Kardashian West being bound up, gagged and robbed of nearly $11 million worth of jewelry in her No Address Hotel room at 3 a.m. Monday morning.

The Lenny Letter founder mentioned that she interviewed Gigi Hadid for the feminist newsletter and the duo discussed the model recently being grabbed by a bystander during Paris Fashion Week.

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“I have this feminist letter Lenny newsletter and we just interviewed Gigi Hadid about her getting picked up outside the fashion show in Paris. Luckily, she’s an amateur boxer. She was able to elbow the guy in the face and get away. But that person felt because she was a public figure that he had the right to pick her up. He probably thought, ‘This is a model, she puts her body on display, so why aren’t I supposed to touch it?’ ” Dunham stated.

She continued of 35-year-old Kardashian West, “What I really hate about this Kim thing is that people are feeling so much license to make jokes. That’s a human being and she may have put her life on display in a specific way and you may not agree with everything that she does, but that is a woman, and a mother and a daughter who’s just been put through something so heinous. My heart is with Kim.”

The actress also addressed her Lenny Letter interview with Amy Schumer in which she recalled meeting NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. and joked about him ignoring her at the Met Gala because she thought he didnt want to sleep with her.

“I was in my own head. It was a great lesson to me in how your humor can be misconstrued. To me, so many of my jokes are about being insecure in my body, projecting onto other people, but in the written word, it did not translate,” she explained of her insecurities. “I apologized immediately, I apologized to him privately. I think he’s the coolest. I think he’s an amazing dancer. As little as I know about sports, I respect his career. I just will be much more careful in the future about making sure that my humor translates and that it’s not creating destructive images for young black guys.”

Dunham, whose sixth and final season of Girls will air in 2017, said of wrapping filming on the HBO series, “I have to say that last night I was weeping like a mother bleeping baby. I couldn’t believe it just because it’s been my — I started writing the show when I was 23, I’m 30 now. That’s my family. Those are my best friends, so it felt like this crazy loss.”

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