"Very excited to hit the road for @HillaryClinton in 2016," Lena Dunham tweeted Tuesday

By Tierney McAfee
Updated December 16, 2015 03:30 PM
Barbara Kinney/HillaryClinton.com

Her Girls character, Hannah Horvath, may be done with Iowa but Lena Dunham herself has only just begun.

The actress and author is headed to Des Moines and Iowa City on Jan. 9 to campaign for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Now there’s just one problem: what to wear?

Dunham took to Twitter Tuesday to share the exciting news – and to seek advice on her fashion conundrum.

Perhaps she should consult Clinton, the self-professed “pantsuit aficionado.”

Dunham may be undecided on her campaign trail fashion choices but it’s clear she’s made up her mind about Clinton, whom the star has already thrown plenty of public support behind.

“Lena has spent a lot of time with Hillary, and I bet she’s got some great stories to share,” Michelle Kleppe, the Iowa organizing director for Hillary for America, said in a news release.

Dunham recently interviewed the former secretary of state for her website, Lenny Letter, asking Clinton whether she considered herself a feminist.

“Absolutely,” Clinton said. “I’m always a little bit puzzled when any woman of whatever age, but particularly a young woman, says something like, ‘Well, I believe in equal rights but I’m not a feminist.’ Well, a feminist is by definition someone who believes in equal rights.”