No, Lena Dunham Still Isn't Engaged – What Her Ring Means

The jewelry is a friendship ring from Jenni Konner

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Lena Dunham isn’t ready to wed – despite what a ring on that very special finger might suggest.

The Girls star and creator has been posting Instagrams from her trip to Tokyo, Japan, and one photo of her manicure Tuesday sparked more buzz that she and her boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, are engaged or married.

As it turns out, the jewelry is a friendship ring from Jenni Konner, the Girls showrunner and Dunham’s collaborator on their lifestyle newsletter, Lenny.

“We have friendship rings. They’re a stack of three. We both wear them on that finger for some reason – that’s the finger they fit on – and those are our friendship rings,” Konner told reporters in January.

“Yeah, we’re engaged to continue to work together for the rest of my life,” Dunham joked.

The other ring on Dunham’s middle finger in her Instagram is the designed by Shahla Karimi

But interest in Dunham and Antonoff’s romance has only increased since June, when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage – and Dunham, 29, Tweeted that her love of three years should “Get on it, yo.”

Later, in a piece for The New Yorker, she admitted she’s still in no rush to walk down the aisle.

“I am not foolish enough to think I have made a final decision about marriage. But it turns out that what I was waiting for was not the chance to marry but the chance to think about marriage on an even playing field, in a world where its relevance is a little harder to question and its essence a little harder to reject,” she wrote. “I like living in that uncertainty while other people celebrate their hard-won right to have just what they grew up dreaming of, with no caveats. I like admitting that my feminism and my femininity are not fully formed or in perfect harmony. I like being a guest, for now.”

If and when she and Antonoff tie the knot, one thing’s for sure: Taylor Swift will be there, sweetly strumming her guitar and belting out “You Are in Love” for their first dance.

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