Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Shut Down Lenny Letter After Splitting as Producing Partners

"There's no one reason for our closure," the co-founders said in a joint letter

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Lena Dunham has shuttered her newsletter.

The creator and star of Girls confirmed Friday to her “Dearest Lennys” that her Lenny Letter is closing down after three years.

“When we began plotting Lenny almost four years ago, we were casually referring to this venture as our cool older sister — someone who’s been there, done that, someone who’s learned from her successes and her failures. But this newsletter has grown way beyond that dream. It was our dearest hope that we could create a space where new voices were safe to speak, and speak loudly. But we didn’t create that. You did,” Dunham wrote in her last letter alongside Lenny co-founder Jenni Konner and editorial and creative director Molly Elizalde.

“What you have created — a fiercely passionate community of dedicated readers, writers, and artists — is more than we ever could have asked for. Because, of course, Lenny IS you: every politician, every journalist, every activist, every illustrator, every athlete who shared her words here,” the letter continued.

“Excuse the nostalgia — we’re looking back today because this is Lenny’s final chapter,” the letter stated. “In the three years since we began, the Internet has opened up for underrepresented writers in ways we wouldn’t have predicted or believed from our 2015 bunker. It was an honor to be part of that brigade, and we can’t wait to see how those who forged that path keep holding space after Lenny is gone.”

Dunham, Konner and Elizalde confirmed that “there’s no one reason for our closure,” but “this change allows for growth and a shift in perspectives — ours and yours.”

They concluded by thanking their readers “for letting us hitch our apple wagon to your star. We trust that Lenny’s mission to amplify unheard voices and the complexities of the female experience will roar even louder inside (and outside) each of you.”

In addition, the newsletter shared the news on Twitter, writing, “Today’s issue of Lenny is our last. This thread is a thank you for what you’ve helped us create — a community of dedicated and fiercely passionate readers, writers, and artists.”

Publishing house Condé Nast acquired Lenny in 2017.

The shutdown of Lenny comes three months after Dunham, 32, and longtime producing partner Konner, 47, parted ways.

After co-creating the hit HBO series Girls and re-teaming for the pay cable channel’s new series Camping, the two decided to professionally separate.

In a joint statement on the matter in July, the pair said, “We have had one of the most significant relationships together in our adult lives and we respect each other’s choices. While our interests are pulling us in different directions right now, we are excited about our current work and are firmly committed to the projects we have together. HBO has been our home for quite some time and we look forward to continuing there as we both move forward.”

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Dunham and Konner’s friendship blossomed after they were paired up by HBO, which produced Dunham’s 2010 feature film Tiny Furniture.

“We became business partners as we became best friends because we were introduced through work. A lot of people share their primary passions with their closest friends but also feel afraid to begin an endeavor with them because they’re afraid that differences in managerial styles will create a riff,” Dunham explained in a 2017 interview with Konner for Lenny Letter. “I think the biggest thing when people ask me about working with my best friend, they ask, ‘How do you and Jenni keep it going on a day-to-day basis?’ The most important thing is rigorous honesty. That honesty doesn’t have to be unkind. Honesty can just be a commitment to keeping it real every day.”

It’s been a difficult time for Dunham personally, too: She announced on Wednesday that doctors just removed her left ovary after residual pain from her full hysterectomy in February “got worse and worse.” (She’s been open about suffering from crippling endometriosis.”)

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