The actress will open up her family life, and daughter Sofia, 9, is more than ready

By Monica Rizzo
March 14, 2014 08:30 AM
Michael Kovac/WireImage

Why is Leah Remini doing a reality show? Because she’s not so different from you – and yes, because she’s funny.

“People tell us, ‘You guys are funny.’ Other people find us entertaining, so we thought, ‘Let’s do it,’ ” the former King of Queens actress tells PEOPLE of her plans to star with her family in an as-yet-untitled TLC show this summer.

“My family is not so different from the rest of America,” she adds. “I think people love to see that, oh, just because she’s on television and in Hollywood, I can still relate to her.”

Remini, 44, who has made headlines recently for her high-profile exit from the Church of Scientology, will be joined on the show by her husband Angelo and their daughter Sofia, 9. And Sofia, in particular, is ready for her close-up, mom says with a laugh.

“She was like, ‘Where are the cameras? When do they show up? And do I get hair and makeup?’ She’s ready! They’re excited about it,” says Remini.

The actress, who competed on Dancing with the Stars last season, has long been a fan favorite, which is something she cherishes every time she meets someone who compliments or critiques her work.

“One of the girls that was doing my hair said, ‘My mother loves you. Would you mind if we call her?’ ” Remini says. “And I said, ‘No problem,’ so we called her and she said, ‘You know what, Leah? I don’t like when you wear long things. I want to see your feet, and I can’t see a proper foxtrot from you. And don’t wear skimpy things!’ And I said, ‘Okay, note taken!’

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“This is what I love about people! You meet people outside of the business, they’ll tell you the truth.’ ”

And that’s what Remini promises viewers who tune into her reality show: a truthful look at her family life.

“I don’t want to be doing a show that’s negative, that’s filled with drama,” she says. “Things do come up in our lives. We are going through a transition, and we are leaning on each other. I hope people see growth from us, and I hope it inspires them to be who they are to each other and strengthen their relationships. I’m hoping that’s what people are going to take away from it. And if they laugh, even better.”