"Tune in tonight for Ramona. Watch her get embarrassed by MY 'bad' behavior," Leah McSweeney said ahead of the May 28 RHONY episode

Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney
Ramona Singer // Leah McSweeney
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Leah McSweeney is speaking out about her behavior ahead of the "Hurricane Leah" Real Housewives of New York City episode — and slamming costar Ramona Singer while at it.

On Thursday's episode of RHONY, the "ladies head to Newport, Rhode Island for a much-needed weekend getaway. Leah invites her sister Sarah to join the trip, which Ramona is not happy about," a logline on BravoTV reads. "The drama continues between Tinsley and Dorinda, and Leah loses her cool at the evening clambake."

In an Instagram post on Thursday, hours before the episode is set to air, newest New York Housewife McSweeney explained her mindset before going on the trip.

"Hurricane season is here and tonight it’s 'Hurricane Leah.' I want to preface this episode by saying I went on this trip to Rhode Island not really wanting to even go. I didn’t know the women that well at this point, and I was in an already-vulnerable mood," she began.

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"I wanted my sister there for support. She was also six months postpartum and looking forward to her first baby-free overnight trip. Moms: haven’t we all been there?" said McSweeney.

She went on to admit that "yes, I was upset when Ramona rescinded her invite for the third time."

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"My sister is my best friend and beyond. You just don’t f--- with her. Ever!! Did I get wasted and act crazy at dinner? Absolutely. Did I do anything that none of the other women haven't done before? Nope," she said. 

McSweeney, the founder and CEO of fashion label Married to the Mob, continued the post by criticizing longtime Housewife Singer and some of her costar's questionable behavior, including fat-shaming.

"But enough about me. Tune in tonight for Ramona. Watch her get embarrassed by MY 'bad' behavior. Yes, you heard it right: the woman who defecates on hotel room floors (and expects others to clean it up), who calls her own friends fat, and who tries to flex on IG during a pandemic is supposedly embarrassed that I got s---faced," McSweeney said about Singer. (As audiences will recall, during a past cast trip, the RHONY ladies traveled to Colombia, where many of them got diarrhea after a terrifying boat ride and Singer reportedly left a poop smear on the floor.)

She concluded: "Please! #RHONY #BravoTV #IllSaveTheRestForTheReunion."

At the end of April, McSweeney opened up to castmates Singer, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps and Tinsley Mortimer about how her mother reacted to the change in her relationship with alcohol.

Previously, on the RHONY season 12 premiere, McSweeney admitted that she'd been sober for nine years but had been drinking again, six months before filming started.

"Me and alcohol have a very weird relationship," she said, explaining that she struggles with moderation, even when she's trying to hold back. "I am someone who actually enjoys like, completely like, going crazy."

RHONY season 12 cast
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Fans got to see her in action on RHONY, when she got so drunk and skinny-dipped in Singer's Hampton pool before trashing her backyard and throwing flaming tiki torches.

That behavior inspired McSweeney to clue her mom in on what she was up to.

"For my mom, when she heard I'm drinking again, it's just like a trigger to her," McSweeney recalled to her Bravo costars. "I definitely think that my mom still views me as that wild teenager. It's very hard for her to accept me as a 37-year-old woman who's got her s--- together."

Ultimately, though, McSweeney said she felt like she was a long way from her dangerous days.

"I would never go to that deep, dark place again," she said.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.