"He's such a great actor to work with," Michele previously said of Stamos
Credit: Lea Michele/Instagram

Lea Michele thoroughly enjoyed getting to kiss costar John Stamos — and who wouldn’t?!

Following Tuesday’s fiery season finale of Scream Queens, the 30-year-old actress took to Twitter to jokingly brag about locking lips with Dr. Brock Holt on a beach.

Michele shared a clip from the episode that showcased their passionate kiss with the caption, “And then I got to kiss Uncle Jesse.. #ilovemyjob,” referencing Stamos’ iconic Full House and Fuller House character.

“It was an honor @JohnStamos #ScreamQueens,” she added alongside a few emojis.

This isn’t the first time Michele praised the actor who joined the Scream Queen cast in season two. She recently told TV Insider, “I absolutely love John Stamos,” adding, “He’s such a great actor to work with.”

“He’s so professional. He’s so wildly handsome. He’s so funny,” she continued. “He’s been doing this for such a long time for so many years, and he’s incredible at what he does. To have the opportunity to work with him and play opposite him this season has been so great.”