Laverne Cox and her boyfriend met on Tinder

By Natalie Stone
July 11, 2018 06:06 PM

Laverne Cox is celebrating a year of love.

The Orange Is the New Black actress and her boyfriend have hit their one-year dating milestone — and Cox couldn’t be happier!

In celebration of their anniversary, Cox, 46, shared four cuddly photos of the couple to Instagram on Sunday.

“Happy 1 year anniversary babe. I love you so much!” she captioned the post.

In April, Cox gushed to PEOPLE about her new beau. “I’m in love. He’s amazing on so many different levels, I’ve never experienced that before,” she shared.

Cox met him on Tinder, which she was planning on deleting when she was convinced to give him a chance. “It’s really dumb luck that we met and clicked,” the transgender actress said.

She was newly single and felt ready to get back on the dating scene. When he sent her a meme as the first message, she knew right away that it was a good sign, she said: “Laughter is huge.”

“I like to be in the moment and not think the future, and [right now] I’m very grateful that I get to experience this,” she added. “It’s so deeply connecting. It’s just a full spiritual experience. … I’ve never felt a man as all-in as he is.”